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Arriving Early? Leaving Late?

Arriving to Sheraton Milan Malpensa before your check-in time and need to freshen up at your accommodation?

Arriving before 9:00am? Have your room guaranteed Pre-Registering from the night before. By paying an extra night you will have your room available any time you arrive!

Arriving after 9:00am but before regular 3:00pm check-in time? Now you have the opportunity getting an early check-in option.  

More Comfort with an Early Check-in
Early Check-in Milan

Arriving before 9:00am?

  • Pre-Register your room from the night before.
Arriving after 9:00am but before 3:00pm regular Check-in?
  • From 09.00am Early Check-in option at only € 60
  • From 11.00am Early Check-in option at only € 30

If during your stay you need more time for the Check-out, the Late Check-out option is the promotion for you!

Take your time with a Late Check-out
Late Check-out Milan


  • Until 04.00pm Late Check-out option at only € 30
  • Until 06.00pm Late Check-out option at only € 60

This offer is upon availability, not refundable and pending reconfermation from the hotel. Fill in the form on the right and you will receive a reply from the hotel within 24 hours.